Game Rules

  • No Real Weapons or Knives of any kind!
  • No standing on structures or moving structures.
  • No destruction of property.
  • No bang bang rule. (*no minimum engagement*)
  • No blind firing. (You must be able to see what you are shooting at)
  • No fighting. (fighting will be banned for life)
  • Dead men don’t talk. (If you are hit you must remain silent until you respawn in the game)
  • Rubber or Plastic knives are allowed. (no poking or stabbing use the butt of the knife or a soft slash motion)
  • No throwing of knives.
  • Frags and Smoke grenades must be tossed underhand into doorways and windows (Do not toss over structures!)
  • Full Seal Eye protection is required.
  • Full Face Mask is Required for anyone under 18 (Not required for 18+ and but is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)
  • Red dead rag is a MUST.
  • This is a Bio BB only field.
  • Barrel Covers must be on all guns before entering the Load Out Station, Chrono Station, Range Station, and field. Pistols must be holstered.
  • Gun magazines must be removed from gun when off the field.

FPS Rules

Chrono: w/.25g

0-400 FPS = No MED

401-450 FPS = 100ft MED


  • Full Auto Weapons of any kinds – No minimum engagement (limit full auto to semi or burst fire inside of structures)
  • Sniper Rifles – *100ft minimum engagement* Bolt action rifles only