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Warzone Gameplay

- All players must complete an online Airsoft Waiver form . Our Waivers are good for one year from the date of signing. It is much easier to fill out this online waiver form before you get to the field. The waiver is online only. No paper waivers will be accepted.

- Any player under 18 years of age must have a parent/guardian signature on their completed waiver.
(Full Seal Face mask Required for under 18)

- Follow all rules and signs posted!

- Barrel Covers are required when not in the field of play!

- All Players will meet in the “Load Out” tables to prepare for gameplay.

- All player guns will be Chrono’d before entering the field of play. (Please bring an empty magazine to Chrono Station)

- Eye Pro must be worn in Chrono Area and Field of play at all times.

Warzone Field Waiver

Anyone playing at Warzone Airsoft field MUST fill out a QuickShot Waiver form before gameplay.