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Welcome to Warzone Airsoft Field

Welcome to Warzone Airsoft field! After years of playing airsoft at QuickShot Paintball & Airsoft on Rt. 206 in Shamong NJ, Larry Valenzano, the owner of QuickShot gave us the opportunity to start a new airsoft field sponsored by QuickShot.

The design, setup and construction of the field is headed up by Tom (Wolf) Mathis. Wolf brought tons of knowledge, experience and know-how to the table. Wolf wears many hats. He's a former barber, tattoo artist, and motorcycle racer, who now owns a motorcycle mechanic shop, and works part time as an Airsoft Tech at QuickShot Paintball & Airsoft. All that on his plate just wasn't enough, he's also now managing and continually improving QuickShot's Warzone Airsoft field. With his over 20 years of airsoft experience, he created one of the best fields around and offers on of the most enjoyable airsoft experiences you can find.

Our Warzone field is located on 5 acres of pristine woods only 1/2 mile from the northern edge of New Jersey's Wharton State Forest. We've got a huge, covered load-in area with plenty of tables for your comfort and convenience. The fields themselves were set up to optimize tactical gameplay, making sure every game scenario is exciting, interesting and fun.

With plenty of structures and buildings, not to mention beautiful NJ forest, our fields have plenty of places to hide and strategize. Come and see for yourself! And if you see someone on the field moving way faster than you'd think a 6ft 7inch man can travel, you'll know it's Wolf who is sometimes known to sit in on a game or two.

Tom (Wolf) Mathis
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Airsoft Is An Active Sport And Not For The Faint of Heart!

Airsoft weapons resemble real firearms, but these replicas shoot small plastic 6mm BBs. In its nature, airsoft is similar to first-person shooting video games, and it allows you to experience realistic battle and tactical scenario gameplay.

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Bank Heist, Cartel, Prison Break, Capture the Flag, Mandalorian